Donate funds

One of the best ways to support our cause is to sponsor us or donate funds to BEINX IN SERVICE for refugees. 

BEINX IN SERVICE is our not-for-profit organisation supporting vulnerable people to adapt to forced change. We allocate funds towards providing assisted mental health & coaching support to:

- children who have experienced the war & need help to overcome the cultural trauma of living in a new country & heal from the war;

- displaced families; 

- single parents in a vulnerable position;

Furthermore, some of our practitioners & team are refugees, and we focus on supporting them to be paid well and build a thriving life.

Thank you for your generous heart.

Donate Your Time & Skills

BEINX is a community of people in service to each other. We are looking for people with various backgrounds, talents, skill levels and expertise. You can support us by volunteering your time or becoming a BEINX ambassador in your local community.

- Help us to reach more people in need and partner with more organisations.
- Help us to expand our community.
- Help us to organise webinars, group sessions & events

Disclaimer: All open positions are non-paid volunteering positions.

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